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Matt & Samantha

“Jenn is...amazing. I don't think there is anyone out there more awkward in front of a camera than me. Yet she still managed to capture the most beautiful wedding and engagement photos! And that’s because she doesn’t just capture photos - she captures moments. She will help you feel at ease, help you figure out your own style, and she will be HONEST when you request photos about how realistic they are. Jenn sees the world through rose colored glasses, and I can’t think of a better trait for a photographer.”

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One photographer for six hours; ideal for elopements, smaller weddings, or minimal arrangements. Includes a free engagement session.

starting at $1500


Two photographers for eight hours; ideal for standard sized weddings and following both loves through their days. Includes a free engagement session.

starting at $3000


To the ends of the earth, I'll follow you.

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I always find it very helpful to meet in person (or chat over Zoom) about your ideas or questions. Let's meet up for coffee if we're nearby each other.

Family Sessions

Kids grow up way too fast

Whenever I see my niece, I take photos of her. She was only born this year but every single time she looks so different. Having memories to look back on is so important.

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How do you photograph weddings?

Photographing the wedding starts well before the big day. I want to be your cheerleader as you pick out your dress, your shoes, your invites—all of these help me get to know your style. I like to talk to you both and ask questions so that I know what you like best about each other. On your wedding day, I want to get close to all the details that make your wedding yours—and the little moments to remember for a lifetime.

My favorite craft, however, is getting in with the little moments beyond saying "cheese".

How do you do group photos?

Generally I'll help everyone get in a neat line so we can take "that" shot. I know it's important to get these, and I do like to focus in on smaller groups as well. We'll chat about the closest or most important shots you're looking for, like those with grandparents, parents, siblings, close friends, etc., and I'll be there to give you prompts or small activities to get your real laughs or feelings into the shot.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I’m based in Yadley, PA, but I love to travel! Depending on the location, I do have travel fees.

When will we get our photos?

It takes about 6-8 weeks to edit a wedding day, and 3-4 to edit an engagement session. I can edit super fast (within a few days) for an extra fee.

How many photos do we get?

I typically deliver around 700 images for a standard 8-hour wedding.

Are all of the photos edited?

Yes! All of them will be fully edited.

What equipment do you use?

Canon 5D mk IV bodies with 50mm, 85mm, 28mm, 14mm, and 40mm lenses.

Do you shoot LGBT+ weddings?

Of course!

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