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artistic & emotional memories

for people with soft voices and loud hearts

Many couples see themselves as awkward or shy and worry it will prevent those photos that they're dreaming of.

I say we should celebrate your brilliant, creative souls.

My style values your unique nature, and with a gentle hand guides you to show off what makes you, you.

So take a deep breath, breathe in that sweet wedding day bliss, and raise your glass knowing I understand you and your story. I'll be there to cheer you on and guide you so your sweet smile can shine.

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Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

Candid & Fine Art Photography

It is honestly hard to find words to describe Jenn and her art other than amazing. She is by far the best photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. My wife and I are quite the awkward photo takers and have never felt 100% comfortable during a photoshoot--except with Jenn. She found a way to make us never want to stop taking pictures. Not only does she know what she's doing, she makes it so much fun. Our wedding photos turned out better than we could have ever hoped for. We are so lucky that Jenn was more than willing to travel across the country for our wedding. She was not just a photographer, but quite possibly the most important aspect of our big day. We could not recommend her enough!

- Taylor & Frankee

Married September 13th in Boulder, CO

""She was not just a photographer, but quite possibly the most important aspect of our big day."

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"She doesn't just capture photos... she captures moments."

Jenn is... amazing. I don't think there is anyone out there more awkward in front of a camera than me. And yet, she still managed to capture the most beautiful wedding and engagement photos!! And that's because she doesn't just capture photos - she captures moments. She will help you feel at ease and figure out your own style. Jenn sees the world through rose colored glasses, and I can't think of a better trait for a wedding photographer.

- Samantha & Matt

Married June 1 in Millville, PA

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as an introvert myself,

I understand nervousness.

The most outgoing & excited people are often still shy in front of a camera.

To be honest, after 5+ years as a photograher, I can count on one hand how many couples I've worked with who are excited to be photographed without a moment's hesitation.

Whether we're thinking about the intimacy of a quiet corner of Fairmount park or Longwood gardens or the busy steps of the Philadelphia art museum, there's no shortage to nervous laughter or stiff shrugs--at first.

That's where I come in, because I totally get it. When I first started out, I was nervous to even be the one with the camera in a public place.

I'll guide you through everything you need to feel like yourself in your photos, even when you've got eyes of onlookers (strangers or beloved family alike), so that you can relax and remember your wedding like the dream that it absolutely was.

about jenn.jpeg photography

Jenn.jpeg Photography is a Philadelphia wedding photographer who values the stories of introverted couples and creating documentary art together that reflects a real story. She photographs weddings & engagement sessions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey, New York, and destinations weddings all over the world.

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