flat lays are a super fun peek into your planning process.

Besides that, they can be so beautiful. All those little details that you spent months putting together carefully laid out are a crucial piece to wedding photography and to telling the story of your wedding day.

Imagine this: it's your golden wedding anniversary in fifty years and you're leafing through your album with your spouse. Before you even get to your ceremony, memories come flooding back of picking out your wedding rings, comparing invitation stationery, or bickering playfully about the color palette. This is where these memories shine through, and how they all come together.

Here's a look at some of the ways you can make your flat lay unique and special.

The stationery

This is an easy one. Include all the pieces of stationery that you used to gather your guests together--down to the letter. (see what I did there?)

  • Your save-the-date
  • Any change-the-dates
  • Your invitation suite (including a copy of your RSVP, details, directions, etc.)
  • Your envelope (inner & outer. Bonus points if it has an address on it)
  • Any tools you may have used to create your suite--this could be an embosser, extra ribbon, a wax seal, dried flowers, etc.

Jewelry & Accessories

Maybe this is an obvious one, but it's worth pointing out.

  • Your engagement ring
  • Your wedding rings (yours & your partner's)
  • Your ring boxes
  • Any jewelry you're wearing (necklace, bracelet, earrings, anklet, toe rings)
  • Your shoes
  • Hair accessories (before you put them in your hair!)


I'm using a catch-all here for a reason. Tidbits are special and unique to each couple. Here are a few that they could be.

  • Perfume bottle
  • Bridal belt
  • Veil
  • Vow books
  • love letters to each other
  • Gifts for your wedding party
  • Makeup items, like your lipstick or the perfect eyeshadow palette you selected
  • Florals (notice this one is in bold! When you add flowers to a flat lay, it instantly makes it 175% more beautiful. This is a scientific number that I have found through close analysis and experimentation. All you have to do is let your florist know to give you a small bouquet for flat lay details. They'll know what you mean.)

~Extra~ items

Did you imagine the jazz hands? Be EXTRA. This is your wedding day. GO ALL OUT.

  • Compact mirrors
  • Lil vintage items you found in an antique store that you just ~liked~
  • Cool sunglasses you may or may not wear day of but you just dig and they go with your aesthetic
  • Jewelry dishes
  • A treat you got for yourself while you nervously prepare yourself for your ceremony, like a French macaron or a croissant
  • A beautiful fabric that matches your wedding aesthetic perfectly
  • A printed copy of the first photo you ever took together

I wonder if my crazy came through

And by crazy, I do mean creative. Basically, do whatever you want. Think about what items tell your story. Be wild and creative. I promise, I'll let you know if what you're thinking is totally weird (and I bet it isn't).