Rebecca & Farooq were married at City Hall in Chicago, IL among their closest friends and family. They threw confetti in the air and celebrated with an intimate gathering at Boka.

Surrounded by living walls, brick, and the beams of their loved ones, this is how their day went.

Men's accessories while getting ready for his wedding
Women's engagement and wedding rings displayed in a white flower
A groom fixes his tie for his wedding
Groomsmen gather with celebratory cigars before the wedding
Groom's cologne and his ornate ring details
The groom fixes his shirt while sitting in a red chair before his first look
The groom and groomsmen looking very classy in Union Station, Chicago
Bride entering a taxi to make her way to the Chicago Courthouse to get married
Bride and Groom standing before the judge in the courthouse
The bride putting the groom's ring on his finger at their courthouse wedding
Bride, groom, and family celebrate outside of City Hall in Chicago
A beautiful indoor dark garden wall
Boka restaurant menu with elegant glasses
Candles and glasses and decorations on the dining table
Candles decorate a dining table
Beautiful and modern lamps
The family and close friends of the couple enjoy the gorgeous reception space
Bride and groom sharing a toast
Bubbly pink champagne to celebrate the wedding
At the reception, the bride and groom lean in to share a laugh together
Delicious and super fancy reception appetizer
The bride & groom's rings adorn a beautiful silver plate with greenery
Bride and groom share a moment in a dark room
A cup of steaming coffee
The bride and groom enjoy the beautiful space they've chosen for their reception
The groom leaning in to kiss his bride on the cheek
A bride checking her makeup in the mirror of a dark, green room
Dark garden details featuring art of birds in people clothes on a living wall
Modern and elegant lighting fixture
Bride and groom looking out the window and down onto the Chicago river
The Chicago river, lit with golden sunlight after a beautiful wedding
Married couple looking down on Chicago from a hotel rooftop
A couple shares a kiss on a beautiful winter rooftop