it's nice to see you! I'm jenn.

I'm a love photographer, designer, and a nice human. I love sunshine and birds and I spend a lot of time reading the first halves of books. I'm very passionate and emotional and I cry at basically every wedding I've ever been at. I love riddles and mysteries (so if you're into MFM, let's hang out). My MBTI is INFJ, so I'm a little shy to start off but once we get to talking you'll wonder how I ever hid how goofy I am (and where I got all those puns?!)

I'm drawn to wedding photography because I thrive in supporting others. I can think of few other ways to be the best possible support than helping someone celebrate the most special moments of their lives. I want to see you have the best day ever, and I want you to look at the photos we've taken together and feel those feelings again.

Enough about me--let's connect so you can tell me all about you and your dreams and how we can share this special moment of your life together!