We’ve all been in front of someone else’s iPhone, holding our smile stiffly in place and trying to turn our shoulders so that they get our best features.

“Great,” you think after the snap, “I think that one went well”--before you see the photo later and it’s the worst angle and you don’t look anything like yourself.

My mom loves to snap family photos, so I’ve been there so many times. It does terrible things to your confidence and it creates stress whenever someone at the party says “let’s take a picture!” I get it. I don’t like feeling that way and I don’t think anyone else should have to feel that way. 

That’s why I do this–there’s everything beautiful about when someone sees a photo of themselves that actually looks right, when they see their own lit up smile and it feels good, because they were themselves in that moment and they felt understood and valued for who they were throughout the whole process.

I photograph weddings to give you that freedom to of relief that your creativity & mine are working together to craft authentic, artful photographs for you.

Hi there, I'm Jenn!

When I was 16, my dad gave me my first camera and taught me the meditative photography lesson that creates the pulse of my work today. He told me to be grateful for the subject, advising to look at something for 20 minutes before snapping a single photo.

Years later, I found my way to photographing other students at my college. They weren't even outgoing, flashy people. They were just people who wanted a good photo of themselves and a fun experience. I began to get to know my shy, “awkward” subjects. I found a way to guide them into rocking their bright eyes or sweet smile. Sure enough, we created photos together that emanated their soft souls comfortably, excitedly, and easily. That's how I got here.

I love sunshine and birds and I spend a lot of time reading and running in nature. I'm also a designer, so you might find me downloading thirty new fonts that look almost exactly alike if you peek into my studio. I live with my fiancé and our little blue bird, Eo, and we're learning how to live beautifully inside every single day.

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