small moments make big memories

Whether it's an anniversary, maternity, or just freezing time for a little bit, it means the most to have those smiles with you forever. Let's snap a few with your closest crew.

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types of sessions


Let's meet at a fun location for natural-light photos that reflect your family & style. I aim for a candid look, but I’ll be coaching you the whole time, from what to do with your face to where to put your hands.

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cozy at home

Bring me to your home for a tight knit feel to your portraits. We’ll do both “everyone smile!” photos and candids that have a day-in-the-life feel. Have a favorite park across the street? We can swing by there too!

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field trip

I’ll join you on your fall adventure to the orchard or your annual tree-cutting trip in december. We’ll make the most of the scenery and get some action shots along the way.

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I offer lifestyle newborn sessions, which include a mix of unposed solo baby shots and photos of the whole family together.

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What should we do during our in-home sessi0n?

The goal of in-home sessions is to capture your family in your natural habitat, where you’re most comfortable! Let’s do what you’d do on a Saturday morning: you can cook a meal, read stories, bake cookies, or snuggle on the bed – I’m game for anything!. We can shoot in the nursery, your bedroom, or any combination of rooms with great natural light.

What time of day is best for great light?

If we’re shooting outdoors, we’ll get the best light if we start our session around 1.5-2 hours before sunset. Make sure you arrive on time, since we’ll be working against the clock to use the dreamy golden hour light! Keep in mind that if you’ve chosen two locations that require travel between them, the commute may mean we’ll miss part of golden hour to travel.

If we’re shooting in your home, the best light depends on where your windows are! If you have east-facing windows, we’ll want to do a morning session; if you have west-facing windows, afternoon may be best.

What if our home is dark or messy?

Don’t sweat it! There’s almost always some light somewhere that we can work with! And while I prefer natural when possible, I bring my own light and am not afraid to use it when necessary! And no, you don’t need to clean the whole house before I come – clutter doesn’t faze me (I know that you actually live there) and I’ll help you move things around as we go.

What should we wear?

We usually have time for one outfit change during your session. A few guidelines to help you choose:

Coordinate with each other: Complementary colors always look better than matchy-matchy outfits. Avoid the dreaded Sears Portrait Studio all-white-shirts-and-jeans look. Also, make sure your outfits are on the same level of formal/casual.

Add layers and/or accessories: Layering will bring dimension and color to your images, so feel free to add a scarf, vest, statement necklace, etc.

Consider the patterns: If you choose a pattern, have only one of you wear a pattern at a time. Avoid teeny-tiny stripes or checkers, since cameras can have a hard time registering them.

What if my kids are having a rough day?

That’s okay! New clients often swear that I got nothing usable because the kids were running wild, and then freak out when they see that it wasn’t true! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help get the whole family giggling. The best thing you can do as parents is to keep a smile on your face throughout the session – there’s nothing worse than capturing a rare smile from a baby, only to see that mom or dad was frowning with stress! We’ll also do breakouts of individual combinations to give everyone a chance to rest and recompose.

That being said, it’s totally okay for not every moment of the session to be picture-perfect. I’m there to capture your family as you are, and in fifteen years, I think you’ll cherish the photos of your children that show the full spectrum of their personalities.

Can our dog be involved?

Yes PLEASE! I’d just ask that you bring a friend or family member along to hang out with them while I get photos of just the humans. Bring some favorite treats to help me get his or her attention! And don’t be surprised if I howl to get your dog to look at me. It works, I promise.


portrait sessions

All family, engagement, and anniversary sessions include 1 hour of coverage and 50+ edited hi-res digitals with downloading & printing rights.

prices start at $200 + tax

special events

Having a shower, party, or other event? Contact me for specific event pricing and we’ll create a custom package based on your needs.

starting at 200/hour