Is probably one of the better ways to experience it. I'm not really one for crowds, or talking on the phone, or texting back right away. I need the right energy to experience things, or I'll be put off and exhausted faster. That probably contributes to my perfectionism, I think, but that's okay.

This time of year is always a little tough. There's a lot going on for me design-wise and when work is chaos, life either falls rhythmically into place to make up for the weakness or it crumbles in on itself. This past December, it was doing a little more of the latter. So I took a trip to Newport RI with my mom and my aunt. We all have the same sense of humor and the same laugh, so when we're in a room we kind of sound like a cacophony of magpies.

Anyway--here are a few photos from that long weekend. My soul was happier for it.