She actually used to be my boss, too. So a few months after she asked me and my frequent co-shooter, Heather, to photograph her wedding in Chicago, IL, we ascended to the sky and dropped into the frozen city mere hours following a record-breaking polar vortex.

Rebecca's wedding itself was nothing short of stunning. In the downtown streets of Chicago, she had an ecstatic Chicago City Hall Wedding--I would call it an elopement, but she and her new husband, Farooq, managed to lovingly fit the closest members of their family in with them to the tiny chambers of the courthouse. More on that here.

WE DID HER ENGAGEMENT SESSION after the wedding... yup.

Like I said, Rebecca doesn't mind doing things in a silly order to get them done with elegance and love. So the next day, with about five hours to spare before our flight back to the East coast, we set out on an adventure speeding through Chicago to get the "best spots" that Rebecca envisioned in her fairy tale of an engagement shoot.

We hit those mystical and gorgeous bridges overlooking an icy Chicago River before dancing over to the Chicago Theater, made a stop no longer than a heartbeat at the Chicago Board of Trade Building, and finished off lakeside. I had to stop myself from jumping around in the puddles, but I managed to make use of them for the fun upside-down shot below. (Thanks Rebecca & Farooq for trusting me while I got my coat wet!)

The water was so blissfully blue. Coming from the east coast where I've enjoyed green (if not brown) oceans and many beautiful but murky lakes and ponds, Lake Michigan took my breath away with its icy color.

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